My “first” project

imageAs I mentioned in my last post I have always enjoyed working with my hands. I hadn’t done and true carpentry until recently though. 

What started all of this was a friend asked if I could build a sofa arm table for her. She lives in a tiny studio and doesn’t have space for a coffee table, but wanted a place to put a cup and book while on the couch (okay technically she still wants this… I’m just slow at building it).

Here’s the site she sent me with the idea.

I liked the idea, but the design bothered me, a lot. It isn’t an elegant design; It’s just three pieces of wood held together with some brackets, which causes gaps between the pieces, and just overall looks ugly to me.

After some thought I decided it would look great with some dovetail joints. The only problem is I had no idea how to make dovetail joints.

Four months later my friend still doesn’t have her table, but I’ve learned a lot and I think in another week or two I’ll be ready to give it a try.

Welcome to The City Carpenter

Welcome everyone!

I’ve always loved working with my hands and recently decided to get into woodworking. The challenge I have is I live in a small apartment in San Francisco. I don’t have access to a giant shop, large power tools, and I don’t even own a car to pick up materials. 

It was very frustrating to hear “this is really simple and quick, let’s head down to my 5,000 square foot shop with every tool ever and get this done” in pretty much every  tutorial I watched online.

That’s where this blog fits in. It’s going to chronicle what I learn and the challenges of woodworking in a city.